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Unread 10-30-2009, 03:12 AM
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Default H1N1 panic-demic

I am wondering about this whole H1N1 flu that the media is saying is so wide spread. In light of the fact that people with IBD have comprimised immune systems and some who may be immune suppressed, I am wondering what the opinion is here of the vaccine that Health Canada is pressuring everyone to take. This is a holistic site so I was looking for some feed back. Maybe Dr. Najt has an opinion about what a person can do if they are choosing not to get this vaccine. The media has reported the deaths of two children who died suddenly from H1N1 in canada. I have not heard of anyone else who has. Anyone care to share an opinion about this.
My daughter Shevon was taking Imuran and has been off of it now for almost 7 weeks.
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Unread 10-30-2009, 10:47 PM
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Hi Sherry,

This is a very sensitive issue and I am glad you brought it to light.

The experience with this virus in the Southern hemisphere has been quite illustrative.
This is a virus that provokes a very mild upper respiratory disease (UPD), it has killed some people but the amount of victims this year was lower when compared with the deseased last year with UPDs infected with other viruses (mainly Coronavirus). Of course that there are deaths, every winter the CDC reports a number of victims from UPDs, it is usually smaller than the one given by the Lung society, maybe because they can lobby better with more victims.
The curious thing is that all the vaccines used against respiratory viruses do not modify the amount of reported deaths. The efficacy of them seems to be quite low. In any case the inoculation of viruses can lead to unknown reactions in the human body, so why use them for a mild disease?

The amount of deaths mentioned by President Obama last week when he declared the health emergency, is not reflected on the CDC website, he did not say a word about this 1000 deaths, not one single detail that could help us understand to which kind of victims he was refering to.

On the other hand the developers of the vaccine seem had almost no time to test it, to have a consistent tool to fight against the virus. The outbreak of the PANDEMIA - as WHO classified it, was on April - May this year, so how in the world the researchers could isolate, develop and TEST this vaccine? it sounds like too short time to obtain a reliable vaccine.

It all looks like a little too much improvisation. Also lets not forget there is a 7 BILLION dollar budget for this action, some dramatism should be injected here, a mild disease would not justify the spending of such an enourmous figure for a barely (if ever) tested inmmune agent.

Warm regards

Dr. Najt
Dr. Silvio Najt, MD - has specializations in Cardiology and Emergency Medicine and has practiced in both the U.S. and Argentina. Dr. Najt healed his daughter's ulcerative colitis using Jini Patel Thompson's protocols. Since then, he has trained directly with Jini and now treats patients with digestive disorders in his private clinic in Buenos Aires, using holistic protocols.
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Unread 10-31-2009, 12:37 AM
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Thanks Dr. I take it you won't be getting the H1N1 vaccine.
I had been second guessing myself. I appreciate your opinion......Sherry
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