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Good Health Is Real Wealth

So much of the health information you read in the media today ranges from overly simplistic, to misleading, to simply inaccurate. Magazines and newspapers continually dumb-down crucial health information to turn it into catchy sound bites, or trends - catering to the supposedly short attention span of the general public.

The Good Health Is Real Wealth infoletter is different. Jini strives to present crucial, interesting and fascinating health information in its entirety. Along with articles by Jini, recipes, Q & A, and Healing Journey success stories, every issue of Good Health Is Real Wealth also has an absolutely stellar roster of regular columnists including:

  • Dr. Carolyn Dean MD, ND
  • Tom Robinson, M.A., Life Coach
  • Lisa Marie Battacharya, Holistic Nutritionist
  • Annabel Fisher, EFT-Advanced Therapist
  • Nicole Paull

Recent Goodies

Good Health Is Real Wealth - Issue No. 9

Update On DMSO & Potassium Iodide Experimental Protocols

by Jini Patel Thompson

In Issue #7 of the Good Health Is Real Wealth infoletter, I presented my new, experimental protocols using DMSO and potassium iodide to heal both internal and external hemorrhoids and also to soften and dissolve rectal scar tissue or other traumas to the rectal tissue that results in anal stenosis (narrowing)… 

Good Health Is Real Wealth - Issue No. 7

A Natural Approach to Candida Overgrowth

by Lisa Marie Bhattacharya, R.H.N.

Candida, a yeast-like fungus that exists in the body, is a dampness issue, as per Traditional Chinese Medicine. This means that there is a pathological excess of damp-related symptoms in the body. Candida overgrowth (I say 'overgrowth' because it always exists at low-levels) presents…

Good Health Is Real Wealth - Issue No. 6

Paying For Natural Healing

by Nicole Paull

I think everyone knows that if he or she is dealing with a serious illness, dealing with it holistically is going to involve some out-of-pocket expenses. The question is how much and for how…

Good Health Is Real Wealth - Issue No. 4

Safe, Gentle Detox For Sensitive Bodies

by Carolyn Dean M.D., N.D.

I’ve been writing and speaking about detoxification for decades. Ever since I realized that the purity of the body was being breached beyond our ability to detoxify, I have advocated safe and gentle ways to cleanse. Cleansing is always the first step in any healing diet or supplement program. Sure, you can start eating organic and taking supplements, but if you don’t detoxify it’s like putting pure water into a dirty…

Good Health Is Real Wealth - Issue No. 20

Are You a Refugee in the Land of Chronic Illness?
By Tom Robinson M.A.

In this issue we return to Dr. Martin Brofman with the full details of his amazing journey from near death to the vibrant life he now leads, inspiring thousands of others. Kevin Gianni shares how his efforts to recover from Lyme disease worked a complete make-over of his diet, and how his discovery of fermented foods changed his life. The wonders of Turmeric are revealed in an article by Dr. David Blyweiss, extolling the virtues of Indian curries, and this is followed by Jini sharing some relevant recipes. Drs. Blair and Rita Justice return with an article on our shadow-selves, how relief comes when we give words to the unspoken and unacknowledged....

Good Health Is Real Wealth - Issue No. 3

What Initially Causes Serious Illness?
by Annabel Fisher, EFT-Adv.

Despite a doctor's thorough examination and questions, which lead to medication being prescribed, the question of why the person became ill in the first place is rarely considered. There may be events in her life; repressed emotions, or strong beliefs, which have contributed to her physical deterioration. Our bodies are incredibly resilient and robust, so what causes them to stop functioning at this dynamic level…

Good Health Is Real Wealth - Issue No. 2

"Natural" Winter Skin Care? No Thanks!

by Michelle Hancock

How "natural" are the contents of your makeup case? Recent tests suggest that, advertising often to the contrary, cosmetics are holdouts in the trend towards truly organic and toxin-free products. Michelle shows you why and also how to find out the toxicity ranking of the products you're currently…

Good Health Is Real Wealth - Issue No. 19

Love Heals

By Tom Robinson

When I decided to heal myself of terminal cancer in 1976, I heard the idea that “love heals.” Everyone seemed to know this, and since healing myself was now a matter of life and death for me, I decided it would be a really good idea to add this to my selfhealing arsenal. I had been diagnosed with a spinal cord tumor at the level of the neck, and it had been declared inoperable and untreatable. I had been given one or two months to live (unless I coughed or sneezed) the year before, and by some miracle, I was still alive – perhaps because something in my consciousness had changed in terms of my attitude toward life.

Good Health Is Real Wealth - Issue No. 18

Tornado Storm Shelters To Sacred Nests

By Reverend Cathy Haven Howard

These are challenging, fast changing times right now. You probably know someone that has been affected by the floods, tornadoes or fires that have been sweeping our world right now.

When I was giving an interview recently, I talked about how setting healthy boundaries can prevent long-term physical pain and illness. I’ve considered this a lot lately, because it seems that most of the work I do with clients is based around feeling safe enough to set boundaries and avoid compromise...

Good Health Is Real Wealth - Issue No. 17

Is Continuously Compromising Making You Sick?

By Annabel Fisher

Are you making yourself sick because you can’t say “No”?

When I was giving an interview recently, I talked about how setting healthy boundaries can prevent long-term physical pain and illness. I’ve considered this a lot lately, because it seems that most of the work I do with clients is based around feeling safe enough to set boundaries and avoid compromise....

Good Health Is Real Wealth - Issue No. 16

Before You Click SEND…
By Jini Patel Thompson

As the Internet and email become (or already are!) a primary method of communication, corporate and political lobbying groups are getting VERY smart in using tactics to misinform and manipulate people. In fact, they are tricking us into spreading their propaganda via email to our friends!

Here is a great example of this: This email was spread virally among friends of an older age group. You can see how it’s specifically written to target the baby-boomer generation:

Good Health Is Real Wealth - Issue No. 15

How To Make & Use Diluted Wild Oregano Oil

By Jini Patel Thompson

If you’re like me and you have kids, then you may find yourself having to frequently make up batches of diluted wild oregano oil – for one reason or another.

So, to start with, let’s get really clear about what I mean when I say, “diluted” wild oregano oil. All commercial ...

Good Health Is Real Wealth - Issue No. 14

Taking Stock

By Nicole Paull

The year and a half or so when I was ill, for all its unpleasantness, was a time of great learning and growth. Enough good things came out of it that had I the option, I wouldn’t choose NOT to have gone through that difficult period.

Good Health Is Real Wealth - Issue No. 13

Healthy Breasts for Life

By Michelle Hancock

When Barbra Edwards found a lump in her breast, she made a notation at the bottom of her grocery list: check with doctor. “Like it wasn’t even important,” she recalls of the experience from five years ago. “None of us believe we’re going to get cancer. I certainly didn’t.”…

Good Health Is Real Wealth - Issue No. 12

 Saving Money on Food
 By Debbie Sarfati, HHC

One of the biggest topics my clients are asking about these days is how to save money when they're food shopping, without sacrificing good nutrition. In this month's article, I have put together some tips and strategies to save money on your grocery bill while still eating healthfully....

Good Health Is Real Wealth - Issue No. 11

 Healing Journeys

 By Silvio Najt, MD

I have a 13 year old daughter, Olivia, who was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis in April 2008, after 3 weeks with diarrhea, blood and pain. Right off the bat my colleagues (I am a physician) started medicating her heavily.…

Good Health Is Real Wealth - Issue No. 1

The Raw Milk Cure

by Jini Patel Thompson

Raw (unpasteurized and non-homogenized) cow’s milk is one of nature’s superfoods. It has been used historically as a therapeutic, elemental diet to cure all kinds of diseases ranging from irritable bowel syndrome to tuberculosis. Jini fills you in on the background, history and gives guidelines for implementing this “original elemental …

Good Health Is Real Wealth - Issue No. 10

An Attitude of Gratitude Can Facilitate Healing

by Annabel Fisher EFT-Adv.

When we are struggling to overcome a chronic illness or chronic pain, our lives become very focused on what is wrong, and the steps we need to take in order to recover. Our lives may consist of appointments with doctors, specialists…



Good Health Is Real Wealth - Issue No. 8

How to Have Good Communications with Your Healthcare Provider
By Tom Robinson M.A.

In the March 2008 issue of Good Health is Real Wealth, I provided some useful strategies for getting excellent medical care. However, no strategy for getting top-notch treatment will work well if you don’t have good communication with your provider. In this article I’m going… 

Good Health Is Real Wealth - Issue No. 5

by Debbie Sarfati H.H.C.

How many times do you chew each bite of food? Technically called mastication, chewing is the first step in the digestive process. Most people think digestion begins in the stomach, but it actually starts in your mouth. Your saliva produces an enzyme called amylase, which starts to break down the simple starches in your food. The more you chew, the more efficient this…

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