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Videos can be an excellent way to learn certain things that would otherwise take pages of writing to explain. Also, some people are more visual and grasp concepts much more quickly via video.

In terms of "how-to" demonstrations, nothing beats video - the old saying 'a picture is worth a thousand words' holds true.

Recent Videos

Fear of Food: Crohns and Colitis Healing Journey

Join me and certified EFT tapping practitioner Rachel Turner as we talk about:

  • Anxiety and fear surrounding food and eating
  • How the emotional and spiritual play into physical symptoms
  • Common woundings/issues/behavioral patterns in people with chronic illness
  • How tapping helped us both heal
  • And much more!

Watch video on YouTube here:

Insider Stories: How & Why Jini Formulated Absorb Plus Elemental Shakes

Join myself and Dane Johnson of Crohns Colitis Lifestyle ( as we talk about how Absorb Plus made it out into the world/universe to help people with Crohns & Colitis. I explain my mission, what originally drove me to make Absorb Plus, and the story of how I almost died of Crohn's disease. One of my favorite bits from this video is when Dane says, "Every single person on here has the ability to be a leader for their community and live their best lives ever - BECAUSE of their pain! You're now listening to two who went through some of the worst pain. That's why we're here! That's why we're CAPABLE - that's why we're HEALTHY. We turned the WORST thing that ever happened to us to into the BEST thing that ever happened to us."


Synergistic Healing - Combining Powerful Healing Techniques Together

Jini Patel Thompson presents at the Canadian EFT Gathering her experiences with combining more than one powerful healing tool together, for a synergistic effect that greatly maximizes the healing possible. Synergy is where 1+1 does not equal 2, it equals 5. So EFT + Pranic Healing + Meditation + Dialoguing With Your Body = WOW!
At the end of the video, Jini directs you to her website to go and download a complimentary copy of this Synergistic Healing method to try for yourself:

PLAYGROUND WORKOUT - Get Fit While Your Kids Play!

Tired of just standing around while your kids get fitter and healthier? Jini Patel Thompson and her friend Louise show you how to workout WHILE your kids are playing at the playground, or a park, or even in your backyard. For more Tips and Health Tools:

An Inside Look at Absorb Plus Product Development

Jini Patel Thompson shows you one of the ways she taste-tests her Absorb Plus shakes after making improvements to the formula. Whilst always looking for ways to make her formulas healthier and more powerful, the bottom line is they have to taste good, or there's no way people are going to be able to consume them up to 8 times per day. Lots more Tips and Info at:

All About Abdominal Adhesions and Obstruction

Get the treatment remedy you can do at home at: Jini Patel Thompson interviews physiotherapist Mary Cox about how adhesions and restrictions form in the gut and why they lead to pain, dysfunction, intestinal obstruction, infertility, etc. AND what you can do about it.

How To Test Your Home For Dirty Electricity

See how Jini Patel Thompson's home has massive amounts of dirty electricity coming in from both the power company itself AND the fact that her Cable TV was never grounded properly when it was installed. Lots more on her blog:

WiFi Is Not Safe For Kids

British military expert, Barrie Trower, tells us why wireless computers, cell phones, cordless phones and other microwave radiation devices are NOT safe for children. Share with everyone you know and I have blogged a lot about this issue at:

Wireless Networks - Genetic Mutation

Barrie Trower, retired British military expert on stealth weaponry and microwave radiation, outlines how wireless computer radiation can cause lasting genetic mutation in girls' ovaries. Lots more on Jini's blog:

WiFi In Schools Causes Cancer

British military expert, Barrie Trower, tells us why wireless computers, cell phones, cordless phones and other microwave radiation devices are NOT safe for children and need to be BANNED FROM SCHOOLS. Share with everyone you know. Lots more on Jini's blog:

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