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You might be wondering: What the heck is a podcast?

Well, it's a technology that enables you to automatically receive, or, download audio files via a RSS feed.

This means, that if you have Windows Media Player, or iTunes on your computer, the RSS feed will automatically download any new podcasts (audio mp3 files) to your computer.

From there, you can upload the podcasts (audio files) to your iPod or any other MP3 player. You could also burn them onto a CD, if you wished. Or, you can just leave them on your computer and listen to them there at your desk.

So scroll through as we have some great topics and interviews for you here - and will be adding new ones regularly. You can either just press the PLAY button and listen to them right here on the site, or, you can do the podcast thing and download them. Enjoy!

Recent Podcasts

Probiotic Dosing For Normal People

Should "normal" people also take probiotics? What about prebiotics? And should you take probiotics during and after a course of antibiotics?

Solution For Bowel Obstruction, Stricture, Adhesions & Anal Stenosis

 FINALLY - an alternative to surgery for small or large bowel obstructions caused by strictures or obstructions. And the same technique can heal anal stenosis (narrowing) and stricture...

All About Colon Hydrotherapy

Did you know you can get Hepatitis C, HIV or even a mycobacterium infection (MAP) from a colonic? Just like a colonoscopy, if the therapist does not use a disposable tip and tube, you risk disease transmission. Join me in this podcast with the renowned Bianca James from the Sydney Colon Health Clinic...

Work Can Be Healing

 Can your business or your job be part of your spiritual journey? Can it actually be a healing process? Find out as I interview Mark Silver - a Sufi Master and Business Consultant...

Spiritual Reasons For Illness

If you're into a New Age spiritual approach, then this interview will be interesting as Jini talks to a channeler from Israel about the purpose of illness from a spiritual perspective...

pH Balance Tips with Maraline Krey

What is your body's ideal acid/alkaline balance? And what can you do to balance it to promote whole-body health...

The Best Natural Cancer Treatments

If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with cancer, where do you start? What are the alternative therapies with the highest success rates?

Hypertension - High Blood Pressure

Cardiologist Dr. Silvio Najt cuts through the hype surrounding hypertension and gives us solid, practical tips for how to easily lower high blood pressure using natural methods...

Raw Milk

Jini talks to Clinical Nutritionist Jim Ehmke about her progress and problems with her experimental Raw Milk Diet. Jim's advice is to....

Why People Do Not Heal

If you want to know why you're not healing, or, why you are not healing faster? Then this podcast is for you.

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