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Nicole Paull

Nicole Paull has trained under Jini Patel Thompson for the last two years and she used to offer Consultations for those wanting support and assistance in their Healing Journey, utilizing Jini's protocols.

Nicole lives in Massachusetts with her husband and two sons and she also owns her own Virtual Assistant company called Mainspring Enterprises and her latest just-for-fun project is her Blog




Articles by Nicole Paull

Taking Stock

The year and a half or so when I was ill, for all its unpleasantness, was a time of great learning and growth. Enough good things came out of it that had I the option, I wouldn’t choose NOT to have gone through that difficult period.

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Too Nice For Your Own Good by Duke Robinson
Reviewer: Nicole Paull

Every now and then, you come across a book that not only provides new insight, but also gives you a bridge - practical how-to’s to help you make the crossing to more effective behaviors, problem-management, etc. Listen To Your Gut by Jini Patel Thompson is one such book. Too Nice For Your Own Good: How To Stop Making 9 Self-Sabotaging Mistakes by Duke Robinson is another.

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Better Basics For The Home
by Annie Berthold-Bond

Reviewer: Nicole Paull

I really enjoy a book about how someone solved his or her own problem and this one is a gem. As the title indicates, it includes formulas for housekeeping - everything from air fresheners to laundry products. It covers facial skin care, whole body care, gardening, pets, pest control, home care and hobbies – from joint compound to art supplies. Chapter One gives you the basics: how to create creams and other formulas from scratch, as well as labelling, packaging, testing, and storing.

Dealing With The Flu

Mid-October through early November was pretty much taken up with the flu in our household. I thought I’d share my family’s experience as it could be useful to others.

Making Time

Summer is hard for me. I'm trying to be a mom, with all that involves – whilst serving my clients superbly – without resorting to the TV as an all-purpose child-entertainer. I get stretched. I get irritable. I hate my own irritability.

Browse Our Bookshelf Issue No. 12

I had come across Anne Barone's books and website quite by chance some years ago, back when I was working full-time, an hour away from home and quite overwhelmed by the situation – not to mention quite weighed down by the circumference of my hips. On a whim, because I enjoy what and how she writes, I decided to purchase the digital version of her latest book and to my surprise, found quite a bit of information I thought would be helpful and interesting to my readers.

Why would I be surprised? Well, many of the people who find their way to the JPT Wellness Circle are underweight, dealing with serious disease.

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No Excuses Workout System
Created by Personal Trainer, Jonathan Roche
Reviewer: Nicole Paull

Let me tell you something about myself. When it comes to any type of sport, I am not an athletic person. The only thing we did in my high school gym class that I actually enjoyed was archery because that was the one activity that played to my strengths: steadiness and precision. Tennis was okay, but it pounded my knees too much. Jogging around a quarter-mile track was torturously boring. I hated softball be­cause I was too afraid of being hit by the ball to be any good at hitting or catching it. And to say that I detested volleyball hardly begins to plumb the depth of my feelings.

Live the Dream

For years now, I’ve cherished the dream of purchasing a five-acre­-or-so property and maintaining my own self-sufficient home­stead. I don’t have a vision of what the house would look like, but I know my property would have a mix of open and wooded areas and I know it would have a brook. I see gently rolling ter­rain, featuring a large vegetable garden, an orchard, pastures for my Toggenburg goats…

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McGee & Stuckey’s The Bountiful Container
by Rose Marie Nichols McGee and Maggie Stuckey
Reviewer: Nicole Paull

Well, gardening season is upon us. I found a nice, sunny spot to settle down in while I wrote this, and was rewarded by watching a pair of cardinals build a nest in a wild blueberry bush across a grassy sward from me (very
exciting!). All the world is sprouting and bursting into vibrant life.…

Playing With Fire

Recently, I suffered a second-degree burn on my neck. I was burning brush and a wind-blown ember landed on me, raising a few blisters and reddening the entire surrounding area. Because it was the last day of burning season and it was already mid-afternoon (the local law requires that fires be extinguished by 4 pm), I continued tending the fire, rather than putting it out and tending to my burn. I had a hose at hand, so every once in awhile, I’d spray some water into my hand and splash it onto my neck.

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