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Michelle Hancock

Michelle Hancock is a freelance health writer whose articles have been published in numerous magazines and newspapers. She also works part-time at HANS – Health Action Network Society, Canada’s only natural health consumer-based network. Explore solutions for health and environment by joining and support a worthy, non-profit cause! Tel: 604-435-0512.

Articles by Michelle Hancock

Hidden Salt a Risk to Children

Mardi Joughin loses her sweet disposition when she talks about the dangers of unnecessary salt in processed foods. When the retired nurse and grandmother of two recently read the label of an instant noodle product marketed at children, she was horrified to discover that the salt content was 110% of the recommended daily allowance for adults who weigh approximately 150 pounds.

Healthy Breasts for Life

When Barbra Edwards found a lump in her breast, she made a notation at the bottom of her grocery list: check with doctor. “Like it wasn’t even important,” she recalls of the experience from five years ago. “None of us believe we’re going to get cancer. I certainly didn’t.”

Homeopathic Immunization

Historical and groundbreaking research on the effectiveness of homeopathic immunizations against infectious disease in mass populations has thrilled the international homeopathic community.

Cancer Prevention Research

When it comes to allocating research funding for cancer prevention, does Canada get a passing grade? No, says the Canada Advocacy Coalition of Canada (CACC), a non-profit cancer advocacy group.

Detox the Diet and the Body Follows

Don’t say “detoxification” in front of Dr. Brian Davies, because this naturopathic physician thinks the modern day catchword is highly overused.

To reclaim good health, the first and most important step is improving the diet, said Dr. Davies of North Shore Naturopathic Clinic in a recent talk in Burnaby, BC.

Toxin-free Turkey Anyone

So the holidays are coming and you want to eat a little, well, if not healthier then cleaner. What better way to assuage your guilt over that extra helping of stuffing than to opt for certified organic foods?

The “certified organic” label refers to food or ingredients grown without synthetic pesticides, fertilizers, food additives, sewage sludge, genetic modification or food irradiation. Basically, in this day and age, it’s as close to the goods out of Grandma’s garden as you’re likely to get.

Hung up on Cell Phones

Viewers of the Larry King Live show got quite an eye-opener on the potential health effects of cell phones during the May 27, 2008 broadcast. The show, sparked by recent controversy about the relationship between cellular devices and brain tumors, featured prominent doctors and researchers who debated the issue.

After the show, an online poll revealed that over 80 percent of viewers believed cell phones pose a danger to health. One thing everybody could likely agree with is that not enough of us read cell phone product inserts, which actually advise us to hold cell phones surprisingly far from our heads—six to seven inches!

Great Answers To Common Questions

Q: How can I find a local practitioner with experience with a specific health issue (e.g. digestive disorders, irritable bowel disease, cancer, heart disease, etc)?

I wish there was one easy answer because this question is one of the most commonly asked ones that I receive and it would make my day job a heck of a lot easier!

Natural Winter Skin Care

How “natural” are the contents of your makeup case? Recent tests suggest that, advertising often to the contrary, cosmetics are holdouts in the trend towards truly organic and toxin-free products.

Over half of the lipsticks tested in an October 2007 study were found to contain lead. In one-third of the 33 lipstick samples, the quantity of lead was more than 0.1 parts per million, which is the legally allowable “safe” limit in candy by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

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