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Click here to view the instructional video on how to use this site.

 *Please Note: Our membership has changed since shooting this video - the Forum is now open to ALL members. However, Nicole Paull and Jini Patel Thompson can no longer moderate it, due to liability issues.


To access all of the content on this site, you need to become a Gold or Platinum Member.

Once you are a Member, simply enter your email and password in the MEMBER LOGIN box in the top right corner of the Home Page, or click the link for Member Login on the top left of this page.

Once you have logged in, you can now access all of the fabulous content on this site:



You can listen to the various teleseminars and also download the mp3 audio file. Just click on the teleseminar you wish to access and then click on the PLAY button to listen to it, or click on the DOWNLOAD link to download the file to your own computer.

You can read the teleseminar transcripts and download the pdf written transcript. Just click on the teleseminar you wish to access and then either read through it on your screen, or click on the DOWNLOAD link to download the file to your own computer.



This is amazing value that Jini has provided for Gold Members. These ebooks sell in the Holistic Health Shoppe for up to $39 each - yours here for free. Just click on the publication title that interests you and then click on the DOWNLOAD link to download the ebook to your own computer.



Podcasts are simply mp3 audio files that you either click on the PLAY button displayed to listen to it, or, you can click on the DOWNLOAD link and download the file to your iPod or computer.



You can watch any of our instructional or informative videos by clicking on the video title you wish to watch and then clicking the PLAY button.



Good Health Is Real Wealth is our 20+ page, full-color infoletter with color photos, in pdf format. You can read it online, or download it to your own computer, by clicking on the DOWNLOAD link. Once you've downloaded it, you can also print it out, if you wish.



We have loads of articles on the site written by Jini Patel Thompson and also the columnists from Good Health Is Real Wealth. Simply click on the author Name in the left hand column and then click on whichever article you would like to read.



 Members-only Forum - discuss your situation and ask for advice/feedback from other members in the Forum. Also share your wisdom to help others in their Healing Journey. Note: Due to liability issues, Nicole Paull and Jini Patel Thompson can no longer moderate this Forum, but it is still a valuable community resource and we have some members who have a lot of experience in natural healing protocols.

Post your own blog in the members-only forum and start sharing your wisdom and getting to know others in our Wellness Circle.


 "Please keep me connected to Jini's Circle as a Gold Member - she is my life line to good health. I love her program and am so grateful that I found her and her wonderful program." -  Emma W., Australia

                         How much is Gold membership in LTYG Wellness Circle?


It is $14.95 a month...HOWEVER... if you click here right NOW, you can join today for only $9.95/month: 



*NOTE: After you register, you will be emailed your username and password that you need to login to the site - so be sure and check your Inbox and also Junk Mail in case your server blocks our email.


PLATINUM MEMBERS get all of the above tools and benefits PLUS:


A 15% discount on all books, products and private consultations

with Dr. Najt MD at our sister site, the LTYG Holistic Health Shoppe

Platinum membership is $26.95/month*



*You will be billed $9.95 per month ongoing for your Gold membership in LTYG Wellness Circle. Platinum membership will automatically be billed at $26.95/month. Remember, you can cancel (or downgrade) your Gold or Platinum membership at any time by phoning: 1.888.866.7745 or emailing:


Happy exploring!

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