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Health Practitioners

The health practitioners in this section are accomplished professionals in their field who have either written for LTYG Wellness Circle or been interviewed for Teleseminars.

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Articles by Health Practitioners

Jim Ehmke, Clinical Nutritionist

 Throughout the 70s, 80s and 90s Jim Ehmke traveled and studied extensively.  This included:

  • Training and certification with Dr. Wm. Donald Kelley (One Answer to Cancer), Iridology with Dr. Bernard Jensen
  • Blood chemistry with Dr. Brockman / Dr. Richard Murray / Dr. Jamieson
  • Hair analysis training with Dr. Eck / Dr. Watts / Bob Smith
  • Amino acid therapy training with Dr. Pangborn / Dr. Erdmann
  • Nutrient therapy with Dr. Jeffery Bland / Dr. Jonathan Wright / Dr. Gaby / Dr. Marx and numerous others
  • Saliva pH therapy with Dr. Reams
  • Bio-identical hormone therapy with Dr’s Wright / Rami / Kamal / Elias 
  • Kinesiology (muscle testing) with Dr. Versendaal / Dr. Caputo and Dr. Ulan.

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