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Ebooks And Reports

Ebooks and Special Report downloads for JPT Members!

You can view these, or you can download them, print them and share them with family and friends. You can also give them to your doctor!

Be sure and check back here from time to time for new content on an ongoing basis.

Recent Goodies

The Radiation Poisoning Of America - WiFi and Cellphones

Hear stories from people working in wireless industries, or near clusters of cell towers, plus scientific data on why you need to limit your radiation exposure from cellphones, cordless phones and wireless computers...

The Pysiomedical Dispensatory - Herbal Medicine Book - By William Cook MD

If you want to a great guidebook to the uses and potencies of different herbs, or, you want to find out how to make a tincture or a suppository out of a certain plant - this is the book for you. This book is truly set apart by the author's comprehensive and PRACTICAL understanding of all the herbs - he is someone who has actually used and prepared these herbs himself.

Surgical Adhesions & Bowel Obstructions

Download this informative and inspirational chapter from a book by Larry & Belinda Wurn, founders of about their revolutionary, hands-on technique for literally dissolving the tough collagen cross-fibers that make up strictures, scar tissue, adhesions, etc. - providing a fantastic alternative to surgery...






Bates Natural Vision Method Ebook

Improve your eyesight to the point where you no longer have to wear glasses, using entirely natural methods...

Topical Fluoride To Prevent Dental Decay

Jini Patel Thompson investigates the difference between ingested fluoride (supplements, fluoridated water) and topically applied fluoride (toothpaste, mouthwash). Can it be that one is toxic, but the other beneficial?

Wild Oregano Oil

The great news for people with Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) or Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) is that wild oregano oil (Oreganum vulgare) is an anti-inflammatory – in addition to being an extremely potent antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal, antiparasitic, (anti-everything!) agent. It is extracted from a particular species of oregano that grows wild in rocky regions of the Mediterranean and it has only been used in North America for about ten years. As such, it is a relatively 'new' herbal medicine in the U.S. and not many naturopathic physicians are even fluent in its uses and amazing efficacy. I expect it will gain momentum quickly in the coming years and – like all really effective herbal medicines – the FDA will probably try to ban it before too long!

The Miracle of Milk Ebook - Raw Milk Diet by Bernarr Macfadden

The Miracle of Milk: How To Use The Raw Milk Diet Scientifically At Home, was written by Bernarr Macfadden in 1923 and gives you detailed instructions on how to use raw milk to provide your own healing spa...

The Many Ways To Use Hydrogen Peroxide to Heal

Hydrogen peroxide is an entirely natural substance that can be used to kill pathogens, cleanse the body and assist the immune system. Learn the many ways you can use it at home to support your Healing Journey...

Probiotic Report

Probiotic therapy benefits people with IBD (Inflammatory Bowel Disease) and IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) in many ways. If you get too many 'bad' bacteria in your gut and not enough 'good' bacteria, the bad bacteria (and other pathogenic microorganisms like yeast, fungi, parasites, etc.) will degrade the mucosal lining of your intestine and even penetrate through the intestinal wall. Aside from resulting in an increase of mucous, inflammation, ulceration and bleeding, this will also result in undigested particles of food passing directly into your bloodstream - where they are perceived as allergens and trigger an immune response.

Listen To Your IBS: Your Complete Natural Healing Guide

Listen To Your IBS: Your Complete Natural Healing Guide 
by Jini Patel Thompson

Are you sick of having your bowels control your social life, your work life, and even wreck your sleep at night?

Do you long to eat delicious, savory foods and dine out in restaurants without any pain, bloating, or worry about the consequences?

This book gives you all of Jini's valuable information, tools and protocols to heal your IBS, and it incorporates the feedback received from thousands of readers to date…

Intestinal StrictureHeal Experimental Protocol

 If you have a stricture(s) in either your large or small intestine, I have been testing this new protocol that I hope will result in complete healing! And this is a protocol you can administer to yourself...

IBS Natural Remedies

As far as diseases go, bowel disorders are definitely at the bottom of the list (no pun intended). People will quite openly discuss breast cancer, multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia or brain tumors. But get anywhere near the colon and people get uncomfortable. Well, it’s understandable really, try explaining to your boss why it’s not a good idea to have you as the chief presenter at an important client meeting. “Well, first I’ll be constipated for at least 3 days prior, due to the anticipation of being in the spotlight. Then, about 5 minutes before the meeting starts I’ll get the runs and spend the next 2 hours excusing myself every 10-    15 minutes to rush off to the bathroom.”

HemorrHeal Formula & Instructions Ebook

 Dr. Jonathan V. Wright and his patients have been using a version of this formula for many years (at the Tahoma Clinic) - so thanks to Dr. Wright for providing the inspiration. I have revised his formula (dare I say improved it?) and tailored it according to whether you suffer from internal or external hemorrhoids...

Diverticulitis Relief Report

 Find out the best way to eat during a diverticulitis flare-up; to both flush out any stuck particles and avoid an obstruction. Also learn the number one colonic massage technique to break up any blockages, and much more...

EFT Basic Training Manual

Learn the basics of this powerful mind/body therapy that is compatible with any religious belief. Learn the basic acupuncture tapping points and how to release patterns, feelings, traumas from the cells and tissues of your body...

Colonoscopy Dangers
The next time your doctor suggests you have another colonoscopy done, first take the time to really weigh up the risks versus the possible benefits. This report is going to outline only the most prevalent risks that are present with every colonoscopy. I'm not going to get into rare risks here, like intestinal perforation, just those that may occur through routine procedures.

Absorb Plus Guide

Absorb Plus is a delicious tasting, dietary supplement shake comprised of the highest quality, natural, elemental (pre-digested) ingredients. Absorb Plus requires very little digestion, is absorbed quickly by the body and contains no artificial flavors, sweeteners, colors, preservatives or other chemicals. It’s available in three delicious natural flavours: French Vanilla, Mixed Berry and Chocolate Royale.

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