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Support and encouragement are crucial in helping you succeed at keeping yourself and your family healthy.

"Jini and the entire organization's efforts and abilities in locating, researching, organizing and presenting this plethora of information has been a godsend for myself and others meeting these challenges. If I was present, I would give each of you a big hug. Your work and efforts are much appreciated. Thank You!" - David S., California

Most of our members find they get a full return on their membership investment within the first few hours, by taking advantage of all of our downloadable and printable healing protocols, ebooks, articles and teleseminars. You get 365 days of uninterrupted access to our private, members-only site.


Here's What You'll Get...

Unlimited use of our Learning Library jam-packed with cutting-edge articles, programs and step-by-step instructions for your Healing Journey.

Exclusive "Hot off the Press" new healing protocols that Jini has researched and is currently testing on herself and a select few (e.g. Quad-Synergy Pathogen Protocol, HemorrHeal for internal and external hemorrhoids, FungaHeal for topical yeast, fungus infections, etc).

"Jini's article about ear infections was the best remedy I have ever read. I will inform my son about this in the event his two small children (one newborn, one 2 years old) ever get ear infections. Jini, as always, comes to the rescue." -  Monica D., Montana 

Free participation in teleseminars and webcasts and free downloads so you can have your own copy, with leading health professionals like Dr. Gabor Mate MD, Dr. Hal Huggins DDS, Dr. Wendy Ellis ND, Natasha Trenev, Dr. Carolyn Dean MD ND, etc. Jini interviews world-renowned authors, doctors, dentists and other health professionals. During every call, she and her guest answer any questions you might have.

"What a wonderful and valuable resource these teleseminars are." - Katherine R., Georgia

Easy To Use! Just print out any articles or healing protocols you'd like to try and away you go! No confusing computerized software or complicated downloads - just helpful information and programs that work.

Optimal, Vibrant Wellness - Our site is 100% focused on achieving and maintaining top-level health. If you want general health information and the latest nutrition fads - look elsewhere. If you are trying to heal from a chronic illness, already on a Healing Journey, or simply someone who wants to go from feeling okay, to great - you've found the right place!

PLUS...Up To 15% Discount On
All LTYG Holistic Health Shoppe Orders!

Save Money! All members receive a 10-15% discount on ALL orders from the LTYG Holistic Health Shoppe (herbs, vitamins, minerals, probiotics, books, DVDs, CDs, body care, healthy home products and much more! Gold members get 10% discount, Platinum members get 15%)

"I had chronic post-exercise muscle ache, developed upon recovery from a "mystery illness". I've chased my "mystery illness" from August of last year. $8000 worth of straight medical work, only to be told: "Everything is perfect." Been using Aspirin and Ibuprofen. Don't like them for obvious reasons. Jini's article inspired me to get to the health food store and get the white willow bark. ALL BODY ACHE GONE. No response necessary, just let her know: ANOTHER HAPPY INTELLECTUAL 'CUSTOMER'…" - Mark T., Minnesota

Free ebooks on common health problems - these ebooks sell for up to $29 for non-members!

Unlimited access to Jini's in-depth case studies. Some case studies are over 20 pages long and all include exact treatment protocols, supplements and regimens to follow. Find someone with similar symptoms to yours and presto, you can copy the recommendations to have a ready-made customized health plan.

Active Learning with our Audio/Video Library

Members-only Forum - discuss your situation and ask for advice/feedback from other members in the JPT Forum. Also share your wisdom to help others in their Healing Journey. Note: Due to liability issues, Nicole Paull and Jini Patel Thompson can no longer moderate this Forum, but it is still a valuable community resource and we have some members who have a lot of experience in natural healing protocols. It is also very useful as a database of answers - so use the SEARCH box and it is likely your question has already been answered.

Good Health is Real Wealth infoletter in pdf format (value: $4.95) featuring timely issues, ground-breaking new treatments, research, etc. that Jini feels are important, along with an easy-on-the-gut recipe, special Question & Answer column, and several articles by guest authors Jini has hand-picked to share their knowledge and insight with you.

Special members-only discounts on any new books Jini writes.

"Please keep me connected to Jini's Circle as a Gold Member - she is my life line to good health. I love her program and am so grateful that I found her and her wonderful program." -  Emma W., Australia

                         How much is Gold membership in LTYG Wellness Circle?

You can join today for only $9.95/month: 


*NOTE: After you register, you will be emailed your username and password that you need to login to the site - so be sure and check your Inbox and also Junk Mail in case your server blocks our email.


PLATINUM MEMBERS get all of the above tools and benefits PLUS:


A 15% discount on all books and products.

Platinum membership is $26.95/month*



*You will be billed $9.95 per month ongoing for your Gold membership in LTYG Wellness Circle. Platinum membership will automatically be billed at $26.95/month. Remember, you can cancel (or downgrade) your Gold or Platinum membership at any time by phoning: 1.888.866.7745 or emailing:


A personal note from Jini:

Dear Friend,

LTYG Wellness Circle is not just about gut health. It is about whole-body health and all the different factors that go into being strong, healthy, energetic and vibrant. Just because a person is symptom-free, or illness-free, doesn’t mean they are healthy. So I’ve set up a special place for people committed to wellness; achieving and embodying vitality and full-potential living.

So much of the health information you read in the media today ranges from overly simplistic to misleading to simply inaccurate. Magazines, newspapers and tv shows dumb-down crucial health information to turn it into catchy sound bites, or trends - catering to the supposedly minute attention span of the general public.

I wanted to counter that by presenting crucial, interesting and fascinating health information in its entirety. The articles by guest authors in the Good Health Is Real Wealth infoletter have to be a minimum of 1000 words. This allows an author to explain something properly, or cover different angles of an issue, or give clear instructions on how to implement their recommendations.

I’m also really excited about the teleseminar topics and guests. Talking live with an expert for a solid hour enables us to really explore a topic – plus we usually get great insider information that people would be reluctant to put into print! Having a question & answer session at the end of each interview is also a great way to stimulate ideas and insights.

I live, work and breathe healthcare. Because I’ve been in this industry for 20 years, I’m in the flow of a lot of information that the average person just doesn’t have the time or energy for – nor do they have access to it. But I do. I’m here and I’m already doing it for my own family – sifting through, extracting and applying key bits of information to continually improve the health of my family and myself.

Now, with LTYG Wellness Circle, I can pass all these great tools and information onto you. And then you can spread the knowledge to your friends and family, and bit-by-bit, we can improve our world.

Remember when no one knew about Omega-3’s? Remember when no one knew about trans-fats and hydrogenated oils? But look how fast good information spreads. People recognize truth by that little “click” they feel when they hear it. And then when they see the results of implementation in their own lives, well, the truth becomes unstoppable.

So please join me on the journey into wellness.

When we are strong, healthy and vibrant, we can do anything. Life becomes the wonderful adventure it’s supposed to be! We move beyond just surviving and coping, into the passion and vibrancy of our full potential. Start that business, go on that travel adventure, move somewhere that inspires you, have a baby, do whatever it is that calls to your spirit AND have the energy and ability to implement it – welcome to wellness.

Soar higher,





PLEASE NOTE: All information contained herein is kept up to date to the best of our ability. Any research or information that is either no longer relevant, or has been superseded, has been removed or updated. If you discover any weblinks or contact info that is not working, please let us know: