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Unread 04-25-2013, 07:31 PM
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Default Interesting quote from the "All About Colon Hydrotherapy" podcast

Hello all,

I was listening to the "All About Colon Hydrotherapy with Bianca James" podcast, and I came across a really interesting quote:

JPT (24:16): "I want you to talk to me about the frequency [of colonics]. There's a whole movement of people who are crazy for colonics, and they want to do them regularly, ongoing, for years and years. And again, me, coming from my background, where a lot of the work that we do for healing people is to establish a balanced, healthy bacterial flora, the thought of every month or every couple of weeks going in and getting rid of all that, and leaving a vacuum in place. Tell me about your thoughts and experience on that."

Bianca James: (starts off with a long answer about people who are addicted to laxatives)... (27:05) "We have had the clinic now for 20 years. In that 20 years, I would say that I have had, close on, a treatment every month. And I can have a treatment at 7 o'clock one night, and at 6 o'clock the following morning, I'll go to the toilet and open my bowel. So in 20 years of having all those colonics, my bowel has never gotten used to it. I have no problem with my internal health."

It seems to me, from the quote above, that Bianca James is implying that doing a colonic every month on an ongoing basis is healthy, which is obviously the opposite of Jini's opinion. I wish there could have been more a follow up question on this issue, and more time allotted to Bianca James' views on the usefulness of ongoing colonics.

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Unread 04-21-2015, 09:58 PM
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Hey, Your post was the last one in here TWO YEARS AGO. Just because this forum is not moderated it does not mean that members cannot give support to one another. So, to answer your question about colonics, my own personal view is close to that of Jini's. Personally, I am afraid of colonics because every time I had/have a colonoscope I got sicker. Why should I destroy my gut flora unless I am doing my probiotic retention enema or the healing implant enema?? I still have to flush the colon with warm water prior to these retention enemas anyway. So that is my two cents.
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