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Unread 08-24-2010, 11:42 AM
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Default Fecal Infusion / Fecal Bacteriotherapy

I am new to the forum but have been following Jini's advice since May 2010 having contracted chronic fatigue syndrome (main symptoms: exhaustion, constant recurrent sore throat and glands) and a chroically worsened functional bowel disorder which causes more distress and pain than anything - i haven't been able to come back onto solid foods since going on the Elemental Diet with Absorb Plus in May but thankfully have gone from chronically underweight (83lbs/just under six stone) to just under 8 stone/48kg (sorry too tired to do the lbs conversion!) i've been on wild oregano oil, used Jim Haszingers Ultra 1,2,3 Products and tried the Quad Synergy Antipathogen protocol (though i stupidly and unwittingly used the wrong form of Dr Jacob's DMSO gel which contained all sorts of unwanted extra ingredients i shouldnt'have been taking internally!)
I've also been taking Natren Probiotics, however, a constipatory like backlog which causes extreme bouts of pain remains the essence of my gut problems and doubtless is contributing to poor immunity linked to CFS. My greatest desire is to be able to form normal stools and be free of pain episodes!

I listened to the Fecal Bacteriotherapy Teleseminar with Bianca James and gathered from that people on the forum had been doing and fecal infusions but I cant find a single thread or posts about this - i am very keen to find out more and find out people's experiences and discuss some pertinent aspects that Bianca James raised during her discussion with Jini

(my story - prior to discovering Natren, and Jini can be seen at )
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bowel flora, fecal bacteriotherapy, fecal infusion, human probiotic infusion, rebuilding gut flora

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