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AM123 10-04-2012 09:23 PM

Pain on IBD Remission Diet
I am on day 6 of the IBD Remission diet and am having a LOT of stomach pain/cramping along with about 10 liquid BM's per day. Today I tried some of the suggestions in the book such as drinking more water and reducing the amount of oil in the shakes. Also, I do not use any vitamin C powder in the shakes. I am thinking that maybe it is because there is so much protein in these shakes. Has anyone else had experience with this? I'm not sure if I should continue with the diet as it has been almost a week and I am having so much pain. One good thing though is that today is the first day where I have so far had no bleeding! Please help!!

SK456 04-21-2015 10:09 PM

Alison, I know this post was almost three years ago, and I hope you are feeling better. I am just a new member, but if you were on wild oregano oil during the time that you posted this, maybe you were having Herxheimers reaction. When all those parasites/buggers are dying off, there can be a lot of cramping...

BTW, I joined this forum to connect with other people who also have Crohn's. I have never yet spoken to anyone with Crohn's. It would be great to connect with other newbies that can relate to my own struggles and recovery. I encourage everyone to get involved in this forum and post and reply to one another. It would be great to connect with other newbies. So what if the forum is not moderated. We can all help and support each other....

Take care,


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