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New Fistula Healing Formula

Posted 10-23-2009 at 06:55 AM by admin

I have a new and improved formula for syringing into fistulas. If you test this, be sure and post your results...

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Hi E,

To answer your two questions:

1. nanoparticle silver heals because it kills infection - when there is no longer any infection, the body's healing mechanism acts quickly. So yes, I think you should syringe with the mixture as well, as it will be stronger than just woo. But actually, I have a better mixture for you to test. I just tested this on both my sons (aged 3 and 9) who got a substantial fungus infection on their hands (it's works extremely fast - cleared up in one week, applying only 1x/day before bed) and it also cleared up some herpes cold sores (on lips which is a mucous membrane like rectum, genitals, etc.) very quickly, so I'm feeling this would be more potent, yet well tolerated. Here's the formula:


Makes 1 oz of Formula

2 tsp DMSO 70%
1 tsp nanoparticle silver
3 tsp George's aloe vera juice
Put 10 drops of wild oregano oil into a teaspoon, then fill up rest of teaspoon with tea tree essential oil (Melaleuca alternifolia), mix well together and then add to formula and mix well.

Mix together in amber glass bottle and shake very well before each use. Apply topically with fingers or clean paintbrush and inject 5-10 ml using syringe.

Note: If your skin is very sensitive, then just use 5 drops of wild oregano to start, test it and then increase to tolerance.

DO NOT USE THIS FORMULA ORALLY. It is for topical, rectal and vaginal use only.

I would apply 3x/day and make sure the last one is right before bed (so longest chance of being undisturbed and also take advantage of body's rest healing cycle).

2. Re. the Joy Of The Mountains - yes I had noticed that and talked to the owner about that, since he was the one who first told me about Oreganum vulgare. He says that since then they have done lots of testing and they have found this other species to work really well too - it also grows wild in the mediterranean. I too have not noticed any change in potency.

Please let me know how this new formula works for you, as it should work considerably faster than just woo on its own.

take care,
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