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Videos can be an excellent way to learn certain things that would otherwise take pages of writing to explain. Also, some people are more visual and grasp concepts much more quickly via video.

In terms of "how-to" demonstrations, nothing beats video - the old saying 'a picture is worth a thousand words' holds true.

Recent Videos

Immune System Protocol

Jini Patel Thompson shares her family's winter immune system protocol. Good food, good sleep, Vitamin D & cod liver oil, probiotics, and immune boosters like astragalus and medicinal mushrooms. And wild oregano oil when needed.

Nanoparticle (Angstrom) Minerals for Tooth Decay

How my family used nanoparticle (angstrom-sized) minerals to remineralize our teeth, promote an alkaline environment in our mouth, and cure our tooth decay! Nanoparticle iron is also great for anemia - works faster than anything for increasing hemoglobin and ferritin (iron) stores. We are now carrying all the nanoparticle/angstrom supplements I recommend in our health store:

Absorb Plus Elemental Diet Shake-Part 2-Traveling

How to mix Absorb Plus when you're traveling or at the office. How to pack everything to stay fresh in your suitcase. Be sure and get your complete info package at:

Absorb Plus Elemental Diet Shake - Part 1

How to mix Absorb Plus to get the absolute best taste from it, different healthy oils you can use and how to add your supplements. If you mix Absorb Plus with liquids other than water, it is no longer 100% elemental, but you can use raw cow's milk, raw goat's milk or almond milk. Jini Patel Thompson tells you why soy milk and rice milk are not good options. Get your info package at:

Make Exercise Part of Your Life - Log Jumping!

Make exercise more fun, less of a chore and really easy to work into every day, by just finding natural ways to work it into your existing environment and lifestyle.

Immune Boost Tea

Quick and easy herbal tinctures to put in your tea to strengthen your immune system during flu season. NOTE: The day after I shot this video, I received this email from Mike Adams about Dr. Andrew...

Ayurvedic Tea for Colds, Sore Throat

Ayurvedic herbal tea remedy ideal for colds, sore throat, cough and flu bugs. Easy to make, all you need is organic ginger, raw honey and hot water! It's good to add fresh lemon juice too, if you wish. 

Yes, You Can Heal Your Colitis, Crohns, IBS, Diverticultis - Using entirely natural methods

What's involved in natural, holistic healing for digestive diseases (like Crohn's, colitis, diverticulitis and IBS)? What are the steps involved along this Healing Journey? Jini Patel Thompson outlines how you have to eradicate pathogens from the gut, repopulate with good bacteria, heal the mucosal lining and bring digestive abilities up to normal.

Raw Milk Diet Finished - Day 11

Four days AFTER finishing my 7-Day Raw Milk Diet. Raw (unpasteurized) milk from grass-fed cows has been used since the 1920's to cure a wide variety of illnesses. Was it worth it? Would I do it again…

Raw Milk Diet - Day 1

Day one of my 7-Day Raw Milk Diet. Raw (unpasteurized) milk from grass-fed cows has been used since the 1920's to cure a wide variety of illnesses. The Mayo Clinic was actually one of the forerunne...

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