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The great thing about teleseminars, is not only do you get to delve deeply into a subject, but, because they are recorded live, you also get lots of ‘insider’ information. And guests often reveal sensitive information that you’d never see in print.

If you're a LTYG Gold Member, you automatically get access to every teleseminar we've done (past and present) in both MP3 Audio or PDF Written Transcript form. You can just listen to or read the teleseminars, or you can download them to your own computer.

Once you’ve downloaded the audio file to your computer, you can either listen to it on your computer, or you can copy it onto a CD and then listen to it on CD in your car, at a friend’s house, etc.* Likewise, you can print out the transcript, or just read it on your computer screen - you can also email the transcript to friends and family members.

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Recent Goodies

Work As A Spiritual Path

Can your business or your job be part of your spiritual journey? Can it actually be a healing process? Find out as I interview Mark Silver – a Sufi Master and Business Consultant. 

WiFi, Cellphone Radiation Protection with Dr. Havas – Part 4

Find out what PhD wireless radiation expert Dr. Magda Havas would do if her child (or grandchild) was in a school with wireless computers.

WiFi, Cell Phone Radiation Problems, Solutions Part 1

I, Jini Patel Thompson, interview a PhD expert on WiFi and cellphone radiation – Dr. Magda Havas – and get us clear answers as to what exactly we should be concerned about and how to protect ourselves and our children in this wireless age.

WiFi And Cellphone Radiation with Dr. Havas – Part 2

Join us for Part 2 of this 4-part series with wireless radiation expert Dr. Magda Havas.

WiFi And Cellphone Radiation Protection – Part 3

Here is Part 3 of this 4-part series with wireless and cell phone radiation expert Dr. Magda Havas.

WiFi & Cellphone Radiation - Problems & Solutions

Jini Patel Thompson interviews Dr. Magda Havas and cuts through the hype and misinformation to find out what is actually safe or not safe in the realm of electromagnetic radiation - cell phones, wireless computers, power lines, etc. And what you can do to protect yourself and your children...

Using EFT To Overcome An Incurable Illness

In this episode of Tap Into Your Healthy Self, join host, Annabel Fisher, as she talks to Jini Patel Thompson. Annabel and Jini will be discussing the methods she used to overcome an ‘incurable’ disease, why and when the body heals, and why it doesn’t, and how EFT is the perfect tool when it comes to addressing digestive diseases, and the root causes...

Urban Homesteading

Urban Homesteading - Nicole Paull interviews Jen Prosser

There are so many benefits to be enjoyed from Urban Homesteading, not the least of which is affordable organic food of the highest quality. Nicole Paull, who interviews Jen Prosser says, "I believe that nothing - not organic produce from a supermarket, nor even that purchased from a farmer's market or community supported agriculture share - nothing compares to that which you grow, care for, and harvest yourself. The time and care you put in return to bless you abundantly…

Up Close & Personal

Up Close & Personal with Jini Patel Thompson

If you ever wanted to get to know "the real Jini" here's your chance!

Some of the questions Nicole asked Jini during this very personal and very interesting teleseminar include…

Two Different Types of Constipation

Before looking at treatments for constipation, it is important to first identify which kind of constipation you have. Through the course of my research, consultations with clients, feedback from readers, and my own struggle with constipation, I have come to identify two different types of constipation.

The Best Medical Tests for Managing IBD or IBS

Dr. Michael Ruscio is a functional medicine doctor who specializes in treating SIBO (Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth) and balancing hormones. He has literally hundreds of clients with IBS or IBD, and he is an avid researcher.

The Best Alternative Treatments For Cancer

If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with cancer, where do you start? What are the alternative therapies with the highest success rates?

Tap Into Your Healthy Self

Tap Into Your Healthy Self with Annabel Fisher

Similar to our previous teleseminar wtih Annabel, she leads us through EFT acupressure tapping on some more issues specific to people with chronic or serious illnesses.

In this one we really get in-depth with resolving the panic, fear and trapped/tortured feelings that a flare-up or distressing physical symptoms can result in. Imagine no longer suffering fear and stress when physical symptoms…

Raw Milk Diet Therapy with Jim Ehmke, CN

How to use raw (unpasteurized milk) as a healing and detoxification tool. Jim Ehmke has extensive experience using it to heal patients with IBS, diabetes, parasites, IBD...

Probiotics 1

Probiotics 1 with Natasha Trenev

"I loved the probiotics teleseminar! I ordered the transcript so I could take my time & read it. I was already taking Natren & learned new things from Natasha like taking the powders before eating & then the Healthy Trinity capsule with your food. She called it layering. It has already helped! THANKS. A.H."…

Probiotic Dosing For Normal People

interview Natasha Trenev – author of 5 books and founder of Natren probiotics – about probiotic usage and dosing for “normal” people, i.e. people without a chronic illness.

Natural Remedies For High Cholesterol

Dr. Silvio Najt is board certified in Cardiology (with a specialization in Emergency Medicine) and he shares with Jini Patel Thompson his views on “high cholesterol” and the mis-use of statin drugs. Prepare to be informed, amazed and maybe a little bit shocked…..

Natural Alternative for Bowel Strictures and Obstructions

When I came across this novel therapy for non-surgical healing of intestinal strictures, bowel adhesions and bowel obstructions I could hardly believe what I was reading. After doing this podcast with one of the technique’s inventors, Larry Wurn, I am even more excited!

Nanoparticle Minerals with Jim Haszinger

Find out how to use nanoparticle-sized minerals to increase absorption and improve your health in myriad ways.  We also discuss how to re-set fermentation in the gut so that it wipes out viruses, yeast and bad bacteria....

Mind/Body Healing

Mind/Body Healing - Jini Patel Thompson interviews Dr. Gabor Mate

Dr. Mate's wisdom and insights (and practical methods of assessing and getting to the root of issues, symptoms, etc.) that he shares with us on this call, have already caused a profound shift in my life…

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